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To tame an axolotl, you will require a fish (that is cod/salmon) once tamed they will start to love you:D you can even use lead on them just if you want, otherwise you can also make them sit/stay using right click.

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Axolotls are useful for attacking other underwater mobs like fish, squids, and drowned , and they provide additional effects to the player after a battle. Although the player cannot tame an Axolotl, these creatures can still be transported anywhere using a bucket of water.

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How to tame Minecraft Axolotls. The first thing you’ll need if you’re planning on making your own army of axolotl, is a bucket. These new creatures can be captured and tamed – in a sense – simply by scooping them up in a bucket.

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Taming Axolotl in Minecraft. Technically, Axolotls can’t be tamed, but they’re not hostile towards any players. With this, you can easily scoop them into a bucket with ease. If you wish to, you can carry Axolotls around with you or re-home them in a makeshift pond or lake near your base.

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Read Also: How to get honey from a beehive in Minecraft? How to tame axolotls. Taming axolotls is as simple as catching them in a bucket. They are passive animals that hardly resist being captured. While in the bucket, you can take the axolotls wherever you go. They will gladly swim along.

Minecraft axolotl – how to tame axolotls | PCGamesN

One of the unique mechanics axolotl in Minecraft boasts is that they can ‘play dead’ – this means hostile mobs won’t attack them, giving the axolotl time to recover and re-join the fight.

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How to Tame an Axolotl. To tame an Axolotl, all you have to do is have a bucket. In fact, taming Axolotl is as easy as dipping your bucket at the right time to capture them. Then you empty the bucket in a cavern near your Minecraft home. You can create your own personal Axolotl environment, and breed them by feeding them tropical fish. Our Other Minecraft Guides

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Axolotls are the first amphibian mobs implemented into Minecraft, although it was not the first announced amphibian because frogs were announced at MINECON Live 2019. In addition, Rana was based on a frog.

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